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Storage Unit Sizes

Storage Lockers                              

Mini - Holds 8 Large suitcases or equivalent

Ground Floor Storage Rooms

Storage Room Sizes

File Storage

File Lockers     

Private own key Lockers

  • 20 Box File Locker

  • 40 Box File Locker

  • 60 Box File Locker


File Rooms         

Private own key Rooms

Internally: shelving on the left, shelving on the right, one box deep, 5 sometimes 6 boxes per row, 9 boxes high.  Brightly lit by a Led strip light inside each room.  Clients often remark how easy it is to see all Box fronts.


Multiple size rooms for example 90 Box rooms, 120 Box Rooms, 150 Box Rooms, 180 Box Rooms, Up to 1500 Box Multi Rooms. Various sizes.  For more details see our FILE ROOMS page. 

Clients include: Solicitors, Accountants, Engineers, Architects, General Businesses, Schools, Medics, Archivists, Book Collectors, others.

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