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File Storage Room Sizes

The hidden benefits of a Private File Room

Many of our clients need extra space for their files, the interesting thing is that once they come to us to avail of a separate external private File Room away from their office, they frequently report back to us how much it has improved their working life. It is not just the extra space it creates back at their office, which is so valuable in of itself, it’s the mental freedom of knowing that the old files that need to be held but may not be needed can be accessed with such ease, yet they are out of sight on a daily basis. Likewise, the semi current files that are important are also accessible, but they are not clogging up office either. The ability also, for clients to sort through, at their leisure, good and bad files inside their own well lit private File Room away from the office is another reason given why they appreciate their File Rooms so much.

File Rooms

Private own key rooms

Internally: Shelving on the left, shelving on the right, one box deep, 5 sometimes 6 per row, 9 boxes high. Brightly lit by a Led strip light inside each room. Clients often remark how easy it is to see all Box fronts.

Multiple size rooms for example:

  • 80 Box Rooms

  • 90 Box Rooms

  • 110 Box Rooms

  • 120 Box Rooms

  • 150 Box Rooms

  • 180 Box Rooms


Other sizes are also available up to 1500 Box Rooms


For more details see our FILE ROOMS PAGE

File Lockers

With a combination of 20 Box File Lockers & 30 Box File Lockers separately or mixed


We can cater for the following the following small quantities of File Boxes

  • 20 Box Files 1 20 Box File Locker

  • 30 Box Files 1 30 Box File Locker

  • 40 Box Files 2 20 Box File Lockers

  • 50 Box Files 1 20 Box File Locker & 1 30 Box File Locker

  • 60 Box Files 2 30 Box File Lockers

Above 60 Box Files the File Rooms are more convenient.

Clients include: Solicitors, Accountants, Engineers, Architects, General Businesses, Schools, Medics, Archivists, Book Collectors, others.

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