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How it Works at SelfStor

Please see below answers to our most frequently asked questions re. how things work at SelfStor.  

Any other queries, please drop us a line at or call us on (01) 454 3595

How Self Storage Works

  • You or your courier puts your goods into your storage unit.

  • You lock your own unit with your own padlock and hold onto the key

  • We always have Padlocks for sale on the premises for you to purchase or you can bring your own

During opening hours, you are free to visit your unit to view items, add items or subtract items.

Our minimum length of stay is a month, most clients require longer periods and are unsure how long they will require their storage unit.


On Arrival

You will be asked to fill in some simple paperwork naturally you will receive a copy of this  paperwork to keep. Paperwork includes capturing of:

  • Name

  • Address

  • E-mail

  • Phone Number

  • Photo ID

  • Proof of who you are - for Residential Clients, 2 utility bills are required.  For Business Clients, Company documentation.

At this point we also identify your Unit Number and an indication of how long you wish to stay, understanding our terms etc.


How to pay for your storage?

There are a number of ways to pay:  Bank to Bank suits us best and usually suits most clients


When to pay?

On move in day or in advance - using bank to bank or with a card. .  You can also move in and with your e-mail address we will send you an invoice.  The first invoice is usually for a part month. From home or office you clear the invoice.  From there on invoices will be sent to your e-mail at the beginning of every month.  Our one Golden Rule which we take very seriously is that payment for any month is due in advance before 5.30pm on the 6th Day of that month i.e. May is due to be paid any time in advance or any time in early May before 5.30pm May 6th


Leaving Us?

We require:   7 days notice for Residential Clients.   30 & 60 Days notice for Business Clients.

Once you have cleared your unit, frequently there is an overpayment which we will return to the Client.

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